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ASTROLOGER AND ASTRO CONSULTANT A person who uses astrology to tell others about their character or to predict their future. ‘he was advised by astrologers to delay his departure’ . ‘An astrologer will be consulted to choose an auspicious date for these ceremonies.’ ‘"You will meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger this Thursday, " says your astrologer.’ ‘The astrologer predicts a good harvest.’ ‘I showed the horoscopes to the astrologer.’ ‘Astrologers understand destiny so they are consulted to establish auspicious dates for important activities.’ ‘The astrologer says your moon's in Scorpio.’ ‘Nevertheless let us accept that astrologers may use some sort of intuition or psychic ability when reading a birth chart.’ ‘She consulted the astrologer to find out whether her husband would be knighted.’ ‘An astrologer determines every detail of the ceremony: the time of day it should take place, which way the child should sit, and what colors should be worn.’ ‘The aim has been to test what an astrologer claims by asking straightforward questions’
  • 2018-04-22T04:36:29

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